Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Ovaries

'Li Yen aka Right Ovary'

'Jamie aka Left Ovary'

Nope not the ones inside me but the ones that sit across from me.

Li Yen (Right Ovary).
Jamie (Left Ovary).

My little Planners. Both very sweet and very strange all at the same time. They make random noises and come up with some of the most random statements at the most random times.

Li Yen has a scary resemblance to Simba (furrowed brow and confused expression) and she speaks earnestly to her computer screen when the numbers in her reports don't tally. She also goes into 'Kangaroo-lish' whenever she gets on the phone with a Caucasian person.

Jamie is a cross between a bunny rabbit and a cat. She purrs, hops and does manja faces all at the same time. She doesn't realise I know she's just messed up something on one of her campaigns and is trying to get away with it! Hahah!
Until their next act of random-ness... adios!


jmeei said...

Awww <3 *purrs, hops and does manja face

LiYen.Lim said...

*frowns* NOI! *does the sprouts!*