Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wet Weekend!

I'm exhausted beyond belief at the moment so am sneaking a 5 minute (ok, ok 10 minute, but who's counting?!) break to breeze through some recent photos. Came across this lot, which were taken a few weekends ago at my aunty Ann's house. Simba and Lola, my lovely cockers in her garden and me and the man trying to convince ourselves that they'd actually enjoy the new pool we bought them...sigh... Lola ran around the entire 2 hours sniffing everything..staying totally clear of the pool and Simba jumped in, only because I kept tossing a ball in..so the poor fella really didn't have much of a choice!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bangkok Calling

It's been a few months, I know. Life kind of took over and pushed me into 5th gear. I woke up this morning and it hit me that it's almost October. I want to begin planning for 2010 but there are some things I want to do before 2009 takes a bow and retreats into the shadows.

I think my highest point this year (so far) has been my trip to Bangkok. I admit I had extremely mixed feelings about going and had been postponing this pilgrimage for awhile...I thought it'd just be too sentimental..me having lived there for 2 years, made so many dear friends and left them all behind, found my precious dog, Xena there (who has since passed)...I just didn't know if the whole thing would just be too....emotional.

It was.....amazing! Yes, I totally avoided going anywhere near the vicinity of where we used to live (cos that would've just been too much!) but the sights, sounds, smells of Bangkok...aaahhh.....absolute heaven for my soul! It was like I was going HOME.

The food, the shopping, the coconuts, the traffic, the manholes, the people, the nightlife, the BTS stations, the Chao Phraya in all its muddy, overused glory!

The signboards that were completely in Thai except for a few odd ones that made you giggle because the English was so childlike and innocent. You knew they tried.

Anyway - I'm glad KP and I went. We caught up with old friends, spent an hour on the Chao Phraya from the city to its fringe and happily paid the 330 baht (RM30) excess baggage fee at the end of it all. It was an uplifting trip and gave me a renewed sense of myself. It felt good to know that I feel at home someplace other than Malaysia. I dare say I feel even more at home there...now that's another story!