Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gosh has it been that long?

"I am a DIVA and Simba is an imbecile' (Lola)

Mr 'Good Canine Citizen' (Simba)

...wow! I didn't realise it's been more than 2 months since my last post. I knew I wasn't going to be one of those regular 'bloggers' ...posting entries every other day about every damned thing they eat, drink or s**t...but 2 months is such a long time for my fans (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) to have had to wait.

My life has been hectic to say the least. Simba and Lola (my 2 cockers) are growing up fast and are lovely beyond belief! Simba still only knows 1 trick - 'Shake' which he is extremely proud of..he recently graduated from obedience class and is now officially a 'Good Canine Citizen'.

(Refer attached pix)

Lola is still too cool for school. All she wants to do is cuddle and kiss. Oh and whack Simba with her paw while she pins him down and proceeds to bite off his ear. And he lets her! Haha..

KP has a new job waiting for him and I think I am more excited for him than he is. It's at NagaDDB and he's going to be great! About time he gets paid for goofing around and telling un-funny jokes! Haha...just kidding, oh brilliant husband of mine.. :-)

Christmas is around the corner and while I am feeling more in the mood for it this year than last, I find myself having to keep my happy feelings under wraps whilst work continues to come at me at 100 miles per hour. Not that I don't like my job and all...but I just wish Jesus's birthday and brand planning season wouldn't clash every single year. It sort of takes the 'Joy' out of 'Joy to the World'.

Oh well - such is life. It has to go on.

Back to work now until next time.

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